How I rooted my Nook HD+

  1. I got a microSD card. I was very careful not to breathe on it, lest it float away on the wind.
  2. I formatted the card and made it bootable with Cyanogen. There are 2 ways to do this:
    1. mkfs.vfat, fdisk to toggle bootable flag and get the right partition type (‘b’), then copy the files contained in the BOOTFILES rar here
    2. dd if=[this file, unzipped] of=/dev/sdb # Note that is /dev/sdb NOT /dev/sdb1.
  3. Mount the card if you haven’t already (still on your computer) and add a fun zipfile. Probably you want this one (explained here) which will give you a nice Android OS.
  4. Power down the nook, insert card, boot into Cyanoboot. First do a backup, then install the zip. Make sure the sd card is clicked in all the way, OK?
  5. Reboot (without the card) and enjoy

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