About Beth Skwarecki

Head shotI’m Beth Skwarecki, a science writer based in Pittsburgh, PA.

You’ll find me where health and weirdness meet, where we ask a simple question and get a complex answer. I’ve been told I write far too much about poop (come on, the gut microbiome is the story of the century!) but I’ve also written about sports injuries and antibiotics and robot scientists, to name just a few. See my clips here.

When I’m not writing? I’m a mom to two very little boys. I knit prehistoric sea creatures. I ran a marathon while pregnant. I teach nutrition to college students, and I used to crunch data for bioinformatics (ask me about the tomato genome sometime).

I’m a freelancer and I love to write science-oriented features, news articles, and more.  Contact me at beth@bethskw.com – or if you just want to keep in touch, find me on twitter as @BethSkw.


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