About Beth Skwarecki

I’m the Health Editor at Lifehacker.com. I run our health vertical, Vitals.

Previously, I was a freelance health and science writer. I’m based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Outbreak_6-13I wrote a book in 2016. It’s Outbreak: 50 Tales of Epidemics that Terrorized the World, from Adams Media.


My work has also appeared in places like Medscape, Performance MenuPublic Health Perspectives, Bitch magazine, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Science, and Scientific American. (Visit those links for my full portfolio at each site.)

Nutrition: I’ve written about the real story behind the GMO controversy, why supplements and botanicals often aren’t what you think they are, whether there’s really any difference between sugar and corn syrup, and why it’s so easy to believe our food is toxic.

Fitness: I’ve asked whether genetics plays a big role in your personal fitness, if cardio sabotages your strength training, and if you can run a marathon while pregnant (I should know–I did!)

Health: I’ve covered the facts about the HPV vaccine, the misunderstood “good” and “bad” cholesterol, why the back of the cold medicine package is more important than the front, and the important facts most people miss when shopping for health insurance. I’m always good for a story about poop and the bacteria of our microbiome.

Baby Stuff: I’ve busted some myths about milk supply, examined the seasonality of birthdays, and tested the magic baby hold.

When I’m not writing, I play roller derby and knit prehistoric sea creatures and teach nutrition to college students. I used to crunch data for bioinformatics (ask me about the tomato genome sometime). Contact me at beth@bethskw.com or find me on twitter as @BethSkw.

PS. The header image is from the Flammarion Woodcut.

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